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Bath & Body

Discover a world of indulgence with our Bath & Body Collection. Elevate your routine with luxurious elixirs, refreshing washes, revitalizing scrubs, and silky hydration. Immerse yourself in enchanting mists and transform baths into personal oases with soothing bombs. Treat your extremities with care, create serene moments with aromatherapy, and explore curated gift sets. Elevate self-care.
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Pyary Ayurvedic Soap Turmeric (75gr)

QAR 3 

Dove Pink Soap (90gr) 4pcs Set

QAR 10 

Kojie San Soap Skin Lightening Classic Trico Pack x3 (100gr)

QAR 12 

Lifebuoy Soap Stronger Germ Protection 4pcs BUNDLE SET (125gr)

QAR 6 

watch_later Sold Out

Goree Whitening Aloe Vera & Avocado Soap

QAR 5 

Dr.Rashel Black Soap (100gr)

QAR 10 

Silka Papaya Soap (135gr)

QAR 5 

Dettol Original Soap (6pcs) Bundle

QAR 10 

LUX Soap Soft Rose Bundle Offer 6pcs (170gr)

QAR 18 

local_offer Save QAR 1

Likas Papaya Soap (135gr)

QAR 4  QAR 5

LS BL Soap (115gr)

QAR 7 

LUX Soap Gardenia Blossom Bundle Offer 6pcs (170gr)

QAR 18 

LUX Soap Garden Blossom Bundle Offer 6pcs (120gr)

QAR 14 

Lifebuoy 100% Stronger Germs Protection Soap (5pcs) Bundle (125gr)

QAR 9 

A Bonne Yogurt Spa Salt Vitamin B3 (300gr)

QAR 5 

LUX Soap Cream Perfection Bundle Offer 6pcs (170gr)

QAR 18